What to wear to work – trends in corporate wardrobe

When starting a new job, many people are confused what to wear to work. Depending on your position, you are required to look professional and elegant at the same time. In this way, it becomes challenging to choose the appropriate wear. If you want to look stylish, then you need to invest some money. Even though the clothes don’t define a person, in some cases, it can represent your personality. So, here are some trends you should follow when choosing new clothes.


If you have regular working hours, then you need to comfortable in your clothes. High heels might work in movies, but when you have to spend eight hours in them, then it might not be too pleasant. You need to wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable and provide you efficiency in work, but also offer you a trendy appearance. So, instead of high heels, you can use medium high heels or flats and suits and combination that are not too tight. It is good to point out your figure, but you shouldn’t exaggerate. Considering the men, you have an easy job, most suits and shoes are comfortable to spend your working hours in them.

Don’t be too plain

We are aware that corporate wardrobe can be a little bit boring, but you need to bring a bit of color in your wear. Black and white is always a win-win combination, but sometimes you need to change colors to look more attractive. In this case, you should combine two colors, black or blue with some bolder color. Make sure that your wardrobe looks presentable, but also trendy. Red shows progressiveness; navy represents trustworthiness, grey offers a conventional image and black illustrates a chick appearance. It’s up to you what you will choose and what color pallet works best for you.

Skirts are trendy

Don’t avoid skirts; good pencil skirts can be combined with almost anything. You will look stylish and comfortable. Skirts are an excellent outfit for an office. They are very convenient, and you can express your creativity and individuality with them.